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By August 22, 2016balloondog
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We at Balloon Dog have a unique strategy for our web video’s and we call it the 5 second rule. There are acceptations to the rule, but most of the time you have around 5 seconds to grab a viewers attention in order to stop them closing your video and moving on. The reason for this is that people are now bombarded with information, from blogs and images and we are now tuned to give something just a few seconds to grab our attention.

We have researched this theory with many website video’s and in the majority of cases this rings true, yes there are always acceptions and often you want to build a video up over the course of a minute or 2, this is also possible while still achieving the 5 second rule when the video is designed well.

Steps in achieving the 5 second rule to web video:

  • Does the first frame look interesting?
  • In the sound appropriate?
  • Is the first 3 seconds engaging?
  • Ask 5 people to watch, pause the video after 5 seconds and ask them what they think.
  • Contact Balloon Dog before you invest in your web video!

Balloondog are based in Edinburgh, but we love to travel, so no matter where in the world you are we can produce a professional video for you!.

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