At Balloon Dog we are social media guru’s and with the knowledge that every one of your future clients engages in social media activity, which means it makes a lot of sense to distribute your video content through social channels so as many people as possible see it. We are the number one social video production company in Scotland.

Every day over 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube, so ready or not your videos need to be able to socialise.

In today’s connected world it’s a must that your video’s are designed for social media – the old days of mailing out hundreds of VHS tapes are well in the past with video being the number one consumed form of media online – with mobile video set to become the number one form of mobile communication.

At Balloondog we understand this, and we know how make it work for you, we know your content is going to be viewed, shared, rated, re-tweeted and reviewed. We often design specific versions of your content specifically for social media, because it’s better that way!

All of our clients understand the power of video when its integrated into social media marketing, and that’s why video is a core part of their strategy. We work work with agencies, companies and startups creating social media content for them which drives results.