Planning a video for your brand

By September 6, 2016balloondog
brand building video

When it comes to designing a video for your brand there are some fundamental elements which should be considered, firstly what is your brand, how do your customers see your brand and how do you want people to see your brand – sound confusing?.

When creating a short video – a few minutes long I see time and time again the same mistakes by production companies, they create some nice action shots and put it all together with a sound track, while it may be enough to keep the client happy, what is it going to do for sales?

One thing often missing is a point and a clear objective to the video, now if it’s a brand video it has to showcase at least one aspect of the brand in a way which can be followed throughout a video series, because if the first video causes sales to spike, it’s vital a follow up video is made to achieve the same result. As an example let’s have a look at the Guinness adverts, they are powerful brand building videos which all incorporate the same brand elements.

I think the issue is that some production agencies are not creative enough, they don’t take any risks and advise their clients poorly, and with the millions of video’s online your have to be a little different to stand out.

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