Drone flying rules in Edinburgh

By June 21, 2016video
filing drone edinburgh

The use of a drone while capturing footage is an incredible way of getting fantastic shots for your film, however with an ever increasing number of drone pilots finding themselves in trouble for breaking aviation laws we wanted to dig a little deeper. From our understanding this is the rules. Please don’t take this as concrete and if you are considering flying your drone contact the proper authorities to confirm information.

The first thing to know is you are not allowed to fly a drone higher than 400ft, and should be kept away from other aircraft including helicopters, planes and Iron man according to the civil aviation authority.

A drone which has a camera attached should not be flown within 50 feet of people, vehicles, buildings and should not fly over congested areas or large gatherings such as concerts and sports events.

In order to fly a drone for commercial purposes a license must be held by the pilot. From what we can see this seems to be the required license.


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