Convert customers with video content

By September 5, 2016balloondog
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When it comes to attracting new customers and converting website visitors there are a number of things which have to be considered, as our good friends at Big Fusion will agree with, but fundamentally humans are people people, and we like to know and trust who we are dealing with in all aspects of life. So when it comes to a website, how to do create that wow effects that stops customers in their little footsteps when they land on your website – well video of course!

Our partner Big Fusion, one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies have done numerous testing on this subject and believe that a video can increase a businesses conversion by around 500% – now that is wow! If we take that into perspective, if you have a well made video on your website homepage you will produce a 500% increase in conversion – if you are running a paid campaign that initial investment will pay for itself over and over again in no time what so ever.

Let’s look at this some more. We all know that your website is basically a 24/7 salesperson who doesn’t get sick, doesn’t take holidays and is always ‘on’. This is something known by many successful businesses in this day and age, and with content being such a vital part of your message – how can you afford to not have a video?.

If you need some advice on this subject, call Balloon Dog today and we will pop the kettle on.

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