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By June 23, 2016animation
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We at Balloondog are big lovers of animation, it can make a massive impact on your production and can be particularly powerful when used to tell your brand story. In film production, animation can be used in many different ways – often you see an animated scene for the opening of the movie which can look very powerful.

Animation for Web

For the web we use animation to tell our clients a particular story or piece of information, lets for example imagine you have an online platform and you want site visitors to understand how it works in just a few minutes – this can be difficult to achieve through text alone and so an animated video would be a great option – you could use it to both describe and visually show how it all works.

Animation for Video

Let’s imagine you have just produced a video for your business – it looks great but something is missing, this is where animation can help – it can allow you to convey certain information without filming it – which in some situations can be very difficult.

Your Project

Do you have a film or video requirement? Balloondog are a film and media production company based in Edinburgh, Scotland but work worldwide. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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